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About The Company

Senior Power Plant professionals with the vision to provide integrated quality maintenance service started " Power Tech Development" company in Bahrain in 2008. with quality service and due to dedication of its employees, it has grown into " Group of companies with branches in India, Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with local partnership.
Power Tech Development is the Flag ship company whis is Power plant operation and maintenance contracting company and supplying maintenance Manpower for Power, Desalinaton and Refinery utilites companies.
Power tech Development is supported by Chennai Power and Desalination Training Institute, Located in Chennai and Trains the manpower for its requirement. Training imparted by the expert professionals and the institute Approved by Government of India, Ministry of Power. A State of the art Training Institute with operation simulators and web based training tools
Safety valves Online testing and calibration services ( Trevi Test) done by Power Tech Testing and Services.

Power Tech Testing and Services  is part of Power Tech Group Companies.

Power Tech Development W.L.L – Bahrain -   C.R No: 88147-1*
Have major Maintenance  Manpower Contract with AEOM.
To provide  Shut down maintenance to HIDD power company
To provide  Shut down maintenance  for GARAMCO.
To provide  Shut down maintenance for General Electric – Bahrain

Mrabee Tech – Saudi Arabia
To provide shut down maintenance for General Electric – Saudi Arabia which has nearly 400 GE- Made Gas Turbines 
Steam Power Contracting – Qatar
Works in co-ordination with Star Metropolis
Provides Shut Down Maintenance for Qatar Fertilisers

Chennai Power and Desalination Training Institute – Chennai 
Power and Desalination Training Institute for Graduate Engineers and Diploma Holders in Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.