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1.Testing Procedure


AccuTEST Safety Valve Test System

  • Test safety valves while in position, under a full load.
  • Unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and safety, with consistently reproducible results.
  • Eliminates the possibility of human error throughout every stage of operation.

Test Online
Safety valves are essential to the protection of lives and property, so regular testing is crucial to ensure that valves are functioning properly. But can you really be sure of the results if the test is not conducted under the stress of everyday conditions? Unsurpassed for accuracy, reliability and safety, the advanced technology of AccuTEST was developed to test safety valves while in position, under a full load, for consistently superior, reproducible results.

In addition to the following innovative features and benefits, the AccuTEST Safety Valve Test System comes complete with the exceptional and responsive support and service.

  • Totally automated operation, battery operated motor battery life under normal usage.
  • Set pressures automatically calculated by measuring lift force, line pressure and acoustic trigger.
  • Universal mounting assembly ensures use on all types of exposed spindle valves. 
  • Easy one-handed mounting with innovative iris plate and self-aligning spindle adapter.
  • Full range of spindle adapters available in metric, coarse and fine threads.
  • No hydraulics, cylinders, or hand jack.
  • Lightweight, compact design for portability in the plant.
  • Load rig allows for lift forces up to 4,500 kg (10,000 lb).

Advanced Software
Utilizing the industry’s most advanced software, this fully automated system virtually eliminates the possibility of human error throughout every stage of operation, from automatic sensor calibration to output of final test results. The sophisticated software has multilingual capabilities and works with Windows® 7 on any standard laptop computer. An integrated database of valve specifications from all major valve manufacturers also allows new valve specs to be entered as needed. Access a wide range of data reporting options and graphical output. Report formats include: test information, test results, valve data (with complete valve history), valve maintenance history and calibration. Files are stored permanently in the computer for enhanced data management so you can conveniently track, access and print information.