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We specialize in the repair, maintenance and life extension of various types of actuators:

  • a) Pneumatic
  • b) Hydraulic
  • c) Electrical

Our services include Mechanical and Electrical repairs. We provide a fast and efficient service with the objective of maximizing plant efficiency and reliability

Work is carried out by an experienced team of engineers at our workshop for:

  • • Fault investigation
  • • Workshop diagnostics
  • • Sourcing of components
  • • Functional checks
  • • Site installation
  • • Ensure correct operation.

• Conduct external visual inspection of all external surfaces including paint finishes, control knobs and valve stems.

• Check and replenish oil level

• Check mounting bolts, nuts, washers and screws for damage and tightness.

• Confirm hand wheel is operating correctly and that there is physical movement of the valve.

• Confirm local control works in both directions and check for any signs of deterioration, such as undue motor noise.

• Analyze historic performance data and benchmark against optimum torque profiles.

• Remove terminal cover and check connections for tightness. Check the compartment for water ingress. Replace ‘O’ ring seal. If the actuator is explosion proof inspect the integrity of the flame path

• Remove the motor cover and inspect the motor – check the case for any ingress of moisture. Replace ‘O’ ring. If the actuator is explosion proof, inspect the integrity of the flame path.

• Remove the electrical cover and inspect the compartment – check for any ingress of moisture and check the status of switches, contactors and electrical apparel. Replace ‘O’ ring. If the actuator is explosion proof, inspect the integrity of the flame path.

• Replace all cover screws – use grease to enable future removal and protect them from corrosion.

• Finally, check both local and remote operation.