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Heat Exchangers are Important Heat transfer Equipment in Power & Process Industry.

Trouble free Performance of the Heat exchanger is critical for Plant Operations and reliability.

PTD offers complete end to end services including Retubing and repair of Heat exchanger tubes as per customer needs.

Scope of service includes complete disassembly, Inspection, Manual Cleaning, Hydro jetting and hydro testing of heat exchanger.

Rectification of Leaking tubes and final assembly.

Testing and Handover to Customer site.

1. Tube Extraction.

Old tubes are removed if found any damages along with the tube ends .Any minor tube sheet cracks are then repaired to the ASME code specifications.

1. Safely Tube transport.

We followed standard procedure and executed tube transport.

1. Bundle cleaning.

Tube bundle cleaning carry sufficient manner and removing.

1. Heater shell repairing work will carry as per standard procedure (ASME code)

2. Tube inserts in a proper method.

New tubes (Manufacture to meet or exceed specifications) are installed

1. Baffle plates replaced.

2. Hydro test of heat exchanger

Also, we are supply Heat exchanger according to ASME sex-8 and specialized in fabrication of heater shell.