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Power tech specializes in minimizing asset downtime by providing innovative on-line leak sealing repair services. We supply our services to the power, oil & gas industrys. Our extensive engineering  support, widespread international leak sealing experience, 100% injury free service record as well as our innovative and modern approach to problem solving and custom developed products satisfy the specific needs of the individual customer. This makes Power tech the leak sealing company of choice. On-line leak sealing is a well-proven method of sealing leaks in on-going production industries. Work is usually prohibited on plants under pressure or when carrying hot medium where a dangerous release is possible. Because the sealing of leaks normally requires a shutdown, “On-line sealing” is an innovation of tremendous benefit to industry. A variety of leaks on various systems are sealed on-site, safely, efficiently, non-destructively and cost-efficiently without isolation and without loss in production thus minimizing noise and emission levels, erosion damage and improves plant safety whilst maintaining equipment integrity. 

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    • Valve Gland Leak

    • Valve Body Leaks

    • Valve Bonnet Leaks

    • Heat Exchanger Leaks

    • Pressure Vessel Repairs

    • Expansion Joint Repairs

    • Flange Connection Leak Repairs

    • Pipeline Leak Repairs

    • Riser Repairs

    • Valve Gland Leaks

    • Line Crimping

    • Composite Repairs

    • Strong Back Systems


    • Save millions in operational down time, your leaks are repaired while your facilities stay on-line

    • Quality approved products

    • Minimize production loss

    • Massive energy saving

    • Minimize harmful emissions to the atmosphere

    • Minimize noise pollution

    • Create safer working conditions

    • Prevent spillages and pollution